Membership (5)

How much does membership cost?

Membership is £40 per annum

Can I attend DAC as a visitor?

Yes, we charge £5 per visit for license holders.

How long would I expect to be a probationary member?

DAC’s club probationary period is 6 months from your first visit.

How do I get onto the current waiting list for the club?

You need to email the following address chrisbrunton@btinternet.com.  Our waiting list is currently OPEN.

Location (1)

How do I find your club?

Look on our Directions page on this site.

Rules (2)

Do I need a license for my airgun?

Yes, please read our section on licensing.

What are the club rules on visits, is there a minimum amount per year as a member?

There is currently no minimum number of visits required per year for members.