Air Gun (Weapon) Licensing

Air Gun (Weapon) Licensing Update: As of 1st of Jan 2017 ALL airguns (in Scotland) now have to be held under an AWC.

Please take time to read the updated rules regarding the AWC below:

Juniors: From 14 – 18 can apply for their own AWC but because of other parts of legislation the adult (or over 21) who is responsible for them and obviously for transporting the air weapon would also have to have an AWC (as per Firearm and Shotgun legislation).

Visitors:  Those wishing to “try out” the sport and who do not have their own air weapons can try out by borrowing one from a club member (who will obviously have their AWC or equivalent document) BUT that member must be with said visitor and fully supervise that visitor ‘at all times’ That visitor cannot be left unsupervised at anytime with your air weapon. This will allow for newly interested people to try the sport without having to have an AWC beforehand. Visitor’s will have to have a limit of 2 – 3 (max) and then if they are interested in proceeding with probationary membership they can then apply for an AWC and purchase an air weapon of their own.

DAC has agreed (at the 2016 AGM) that nobody can shoot at DAC without an AWC . DAC has also put into place these rules for the safety of its members and its visitors so we are covered under the new legislation.

The bottom line: NO AWC  = NO SHOOTING. 

Please note that if you do not have your AWC with you, you will not be allowed to shoot and will be asked to leave the ground.

Producing your document at a previous competition will not be accepted on the day you wish to use an/your air weapon, think of your certificate now going hand in hand with your gun where your gun go’s the certificate go’s too. This is a good rule of thumb as if you are ever stopped by the Police (for any reason) whilst transporting your gun to or from the range or gun shop you can produce your certificate right there, as not having it will require the Police to check the validity of your certificate (and that you are in fact a holder of one) this will subsequently cause additional delay for yourself and said police officer.